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Top iOS Mobile Games of 2016


Apple's iOS offer a plethora of titles for mobile gamers around the globe. Their catalog is composed of different games that cover almost every possible category. With the phone's capability to produce outstanding graphics and its responsive touch screens, those searching for quality portable gaming are guaranteed to be in for a treat.

However, the iOS game arsenal may seem overwhelming for some, so here's a short list that covers sought-after titles from different genres:


Created by Laser Dog Games, HoPiKo screams old school gaming but with a modern touch. It is a fusion of reaction-based arcade gameplay, but leans towards a casual nature. With a superb soundtrack partnered with a retro theme, game enthusiasts out there are promised of unique and exciting moments.

FTL: Faster Than Light

The title delivers a brutally challenging space adventure. Players must battle, outfight, and make their way out of a rebel armada as you protect the Federation's only hope for triumph, as captain of a Federation starship. Throughout the game, you'll navigate uncharted territories, solve mysteries, and take down pirates.


Prune provides the perfect destination for those seeking a game that offers outstanding mobile experience partnered with puzzle play. This is a game that brings pleasure through smooth and delicate designs in a way that others can actually pull off. Pune is a simple and straightforward game, as it tasks players to slice through plant’s shoots as it heads in the light's direction, leaving players to guide it along the right way. The difficulty increases as the levels progress.

Real Racing 3

Racing junkies can revel in a fantastic driving experience that will make them yearn for open roads. Players of the game are given the chance to get behind the wheel of a spectrum of realistic-looking motor vehicles and race them across various racetracks. There are different game modes to add more flavor, which includes standard races and Time Shift multiplayer mode. As you progress throughout the game, more cars, racing events, and tracks are unlocked.

LuckyDino Casino Mobile

The mobile casino offers a vast spectrum of gaming activities that no other mobile gaming portal can go toe to toe with. LuckyDino Casino mobile is an exclusive iGaming site that houses a collection of wagering activities, thrilling bonuses, and outstanding customer support. For those who wish to revel in their favorite casino games using their iOS-powered devices alongside profit-yielding opportunities, LuckyDino is the ultimate destination.

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise is a first-person point-and-click adventure that is suitable for every gamer out there. Agent A merges multiple puzzles with differing styles to make the adventure worthwhile while adding twists. With a presentation style that resembles cartoon-strip and a rather sleazy dialogue; sophisticated gamers are promised to enjoy this particular title.



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