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The Anticipated iPhone 7

The much-awaited release of the iPhone 7 has tech-savvy individuals all over the globe on their toes. Reports say that the new device will introduce cutting-edge features such as a larger camera lens, better hardware components, and other subtle upgrades that will make the overall user experience better.

Apple fanatics can expect the new and improved version of the highly-acclaimed mobile phone in the fall of 2016, so there are a few more months of development ahead of the device. Though it will be several months before the latest mobile phone launches, rumors surrounding the device started to spread across various arenas since the beginning of 2016.

The next iPhone installment is expected to bear the name iPhone 7, but other rumors suggest that Apple will be calling the 2016 iPhone the ‘iPhone Pro.’ Currently, it is unclear if these rumors will hold true until its release.

iPhone 7 Expected Features

If Apple pursues its own Digital Trends, the new iPhone should possess an entirely new arsenal of design and features. So far, rumors indicate that the following iPhone will be water resistance, hold liquid metal, and will do without antenna lines.

Currently, Apple is still in the works with the phone's enclosure, so users won’t exactly know what it will look like, but multiple rumors present that it will more likely be a modest update than unveil radical changes. It is said to have the same general shape and aesthetic features as the iPhone 6, but it may have a camera that less protrusion. Meanwhile, the face of the new iPhone is also expected to undergo changes such as a longer earpiece cutout and a relocated ambient light sensor.

Trimming Down

Moreover, another issue that no one seems to get a grip on is whether or not the iPhone 7 will support headphones. Early reports mentioned that Apple was planning to eliminate the rather bulky 3.5mm headphone jack. This could lead to a great reliance on Bluetooth headphones and earphones, but another leak says that Apple will also release special earbuds upon purchasing the phone.

iPhone 7 OS and Power

iPhone 7 is being groomed to launch side by side iOS 10, and it’s miles ahead of the last iOS 9.3 update. It’ll introduce a much intuitive Siri that can control third-party applications, new Messaging functions, and a convenient way of controlling power consumption.

Other software upgrades demonstrate a huge performance boost via a hexacore Apple A10 chip, which is a big leap from a dual-core processor used by its predecessor.


Price rumors say that the iPhone 7 could start at a similar price as the iPhone 6S when it was newly released. Although this might disappoint recent buyers of the iPhone 6 and 6S, the 7th installment of the sought-after device seeks to create another breakout in the market.



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