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Since the Apple products are always something to follow and to look for, the new Apple products which are not ready for sale yet, the Iprod is the same. Many online rumors are already written about the new Apple product – Iprod, no one really knows anything about it.


The rumors of the new apple product - Iprod are talking about a touch sensitive device, with option for all kinds of web surfing and iPhone applications. Will it be the next iPod Nano? Will it replace the iPhone we all like to love? Nobody can tell. The only thing we can say for sure is that Apple is making something for us, something new. Searching in the Mac and Apple forums, looking into the last press released and learning from between the lines of Apple people, the Iprod is going to be the next thing.


Like other new apple products, until you don’t have it in hand, you can’t really tell the benefits and learn what you can do with it. The upcoming Iprod is the same, while some of the information we are able to gather is that it’s something between the iPhone and the next generation of touch screens. Some posts in the online forums are talking about the iProd to become the next medical device to combine medical sensors and the Iphone technology to follow the jogging user and its heartbeats.


iProd could be anything, it could be a combination of several Apple products and it can also be the new Apple Tablet which is rumored to be released in a few month before the end of 2009. Regardless of


We like the iPhone a lot and we also hold other Apple devices at home, we are ready to see the next generation products, to hear about the future developments and the next amazing tool for the users. This iProd is a great example for us to seek for more information, just like all other Apple customers around the world. If it’s true that the iProd is a new apple product, tell us more about it.


We're pretty sure people would run to buy iprod and would like to be the first to get iprod and so would we.



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