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Four Cool iPhone Tricks for Everyone


The iPhone is an outstanding device that packs thousands and thousands of features. However, regardless of its overflowing list of offerings, there are a number of hidden features and tricks that most iPhone users may not have realized that existed.

Users who wish to maximize the potential or benefit from these additional features, here’s a list of commonly unnoticed offerings of the smartphone:

Custom Replies

There are times where users won’t be able to answer calls, whether during meetings or other circumstances. For those who don’t want these calls to head to voicemail, creating custom replies is one way to handle it. Depending on which version of iOS you’re sporting, you either swipe upward on the phone icon that appears right next to the unlock slider and select ‘Respond With Text”, or tap the button labeled ‘Message’ above the slide icon.

There are three default messages that you can send right away, along with a button that lets you enter a custom text. You can customize the prepared messages by heading to Settings > Phone > Respond With Text and create your preferred reply.


If you've just typed a long message or sentence, but accidentally deleted it, or made some sort of error, you can shake your iPhone to initiate the undo/redo dialogue box. Since implementing this feature, updated iOS devices are updated with an undo button on the system keyboard, but are only available when the device is in landscape mode. This is definitely one of the coolest iPhone tricks commonly neglected.

Take Photos on Video Mode

One astonishing advantage of iPhone's over other smartphones is its camera, which provides extremely detailed photos and high-quality videos. For those who want to use both at the same time without having to switch modes, just tap the camera button that appears on-screen next to the shutter button as you record.

Better Selfies

If you enjoy taking a picture or two of your face, this trick may help capture that perfect selfie. The camera shutter can be engaged by pressing one of the volume buttons instead of the onscreen button. On the other hand, when the camera application is open, you can use the volume button on an attached pair of headphones to take the photo. This produces less camera shake and results to crystal-clear selfies.

Music Timer

Another cool trick for those who always fall asleep while listening to music is the timer. Some encounter the problem of leaving their devices playing during their sleep, which then drains the battery in the process. Using the hidden ‘Stop Playing’ timer, you can choose how long you want the music to play. To set up the timer, proceed to the click application, then tap the ‘Timer’ icon placed in the bottom right of the screen. From here, you can tweak the settings and choose how long you want the timer to run. Afterward, start the timer and begin playing your music from the Music application.



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