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Apple Care iPhone Protection Plan


This Apple Care iPhone protection plan is the best insurance for your iPhone, two years from the day you have bought it. The package covers all iPhone parts and includes technical support and all hardware repair.


Buying the Apple Care iPhone protection plan will ensure that your iPhone is safe to use and you have the needed coverage to use it. Both the software and the hardware of your iPhone can be damaged with time, the Apple Care iPhone protection will take care of these problems. The best thing about this plan is that you have one phone call to do, in order to receive all the answers for your questions.


The Apple Support Team will help you online, on the spot, with:


1. Connection problems, both to your Mac or any kind of PC

2. Sending and receiving Email and pictures via the iPhone

3. Accessories support ( especially for Apple store items )

4. Syncronizing problems

5. Downloading problems

6. iTunes store failures and any other question regarding the iPhone software or the iPhone hardware


The hardware support and coverage includes the iPhone itself, the battery which usually goes bad, the Bluetooth and any additional hardware you are using. If you hols an iPhone, you probably knows that the battery can go wrong within th first few months, some of them are also exploding, this is the main reason to have the Apple Care iPhone, when the first battery they will replace for you, will cover the price of the Apple Care protection plan.


For your iPhone and for other Apple devices, the Apple Care protection plans are a great product to have. The plan protected you from any software failure and will open the door to fix it within few minutes in the phone and also will ensure the replacement of any of the iPhone parts, immediately by Apple.  



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