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This website generates more than 2500 unique visitors a month. Each and every one of these visitors has an iPhone or different Apple product in hands (iPod, iPad). Together with the free typing test which is available for the visitors and is compatible with Internet Explorer and FireFox as well as Safari, the website provides information and related products and services.


75% of the website visitors come back directly to the website with their iPhone using the Safari browser, after visiting it online with PC or Laptop. The combination between the typing test and the related products sold on the website is a winning combination.


The rising popularity of the iPhone and other devices made by Apple is well noticed on New visitor rate is growing daily, more purchases and new clicks on the ads. The popularity of the site is visible in the industry where dozens of websites are linking to iPhone Typing Test and recommending the service on the website. For more than 3 years now, the website remains on top of other websites in the free typing test market and keeps its PageRank value of 4. New subscribers rate is growing every day. Subscribers are enjoying freebies and special deals for their devices.


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